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Collecting Societies

are organizations that collectively manage the rights to works. The prerequisite for this is a legal authorization. In Austria, the rights to works of music are administered by AKM and AustroMechana, which carry out the collection for music uses and distribute royalties to the entitled authors (for more details, see "VerwGesG '16," Verlag Medien und Recht, Vienna 2017).

Distribution Plan

In the distribution plan, the amounts of money collected by the authors society are allocated to individual categories (e.g., radio, light music) and then distributed to individual beneficiaries on the basis of usage notifications.




Is the creator of a work who has performed a peculiar intellectual achievement. Composers and lyricists are among the authors of a musical work, whose rights are collectively administered by AKM. Authors grant a right to use a work to a publisher for the purpose of reproduction and distribution by means of a publishing agreement. The rights of publishers are also administered by AKM and AustroMechana.

Grand Rights


"Grand rights" refer to music with scenic presentation, such as musicals, operettas, operas, musical comedies, etc. Grand rights are administered by a publisher, who is also responsible for collection. 


Advising rights holders on the use and payment of music rights

Management of works

concerning registration, 

use and distribution 

Sheet music production for live music, solo entertainer, brass band Oberkrainer instrumentation to spa orchestra

Preparation of expert opinions for courts and notaries, specializing in copyright issues of all kinds, with a focus on plagiarism examinations and probate proceedings

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