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About Us

The activities of our company include:
Publishing activities:


  • Administration of your works for registration, use and billing by the  Austrian collecting society

  • Representation of your original published works for the territory of Austria and worldwide

  • Advice on royalty accounting regarding use and payment

  • Online work registration national and international


As an Austrian publishing house specializing in advertising music for radio and television, we also ensure the billing of the work's use in Austrian programme windows.

As a touring publisher for light music, we take care of the registration of the works as well as the performance notifications and thus ensure the correct accounting of your works use.

Our activities include:

  • Registration of works with AKM/AustroMechana for authors

  • Control notification for the  use of your works

  • Verification of the settlement according to the performance notifications and settlement rules

  • Mass registration in CWR format

Anker 1
Bereich Energie:

  • Projektentwicklung und Realisierung

  • Studien und Forschung

  • Datenanalyse und Modellierung

  • Steigerung der Energieeffizienz in Betrieben und Gebäuden

Our goal is the promotion and use of all publishing works of the music publisher Dr. Radosch Mediendienstleistungen GmbH in Austria and worldwide.


We draw on many years of experience and expertise as a music publisher. We use our good contacts to musicians and music bands as well as to Austrian broadcasting companies in the public and private sector. Finally, we build on our successful cooperation with renowned studios.

Another focus of our publishing house is the production of sheet music for solo entertainers, brass band Oberkrainer instrumentation, spa orchestra and E-music works . The sheet music for the works can be ordered through the publishing house, the delivery takes place promptly through our distribution partner.

Managing director
  • Dr. Ulrike Radosch has extensive branch experience regarding the use and settlement of music royalties. She is well connected in the copyright scene in Austria, with foreign authors and publishers.

    Dr. Ulrike Radosch is a generally sworn and court-certified expert in Austria in the field of copyright issues of all kinds, in particular plagiarism examinations and probate proceedings. 


Advising rights holders on the use and payment of music rights


Management of works

concerning registration, 

use and distribution 


Sheet music production for live music, solo entertainer, brass band Oberkrainer instrumentation to spa orchestra

Preparation of expert opinions for courts and notaries, specializing in copyright issues of all kinds, with a focus on plagiarism examinations and probate proceedings

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