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As an Austrian publisher, we specialize in the use of advertising music in radio and television and Austrian programme windows. We take care of the registration of the works and the notification of the use of the works to the AKM/ AustroMechana for you as the author. 

As a tour publisher, we take care of the work registration and performance notification to AKM/AustroMechana for you as a music band and thus ensure the royalty settlement.

As a sub-publisher, we ensure the timely distribution of royalties, together with the domestic billing, to the original publisher without delay and without further deduction of expenses for foreign settlement by the collecting societies.

We act as a sub-publisher for the countries Germany, Denmark and France.

Sheet music production and printing for solo entertainers, brass band Oberkrainer instrumentation, spa orchestra and serious music works .

Sheet music sales and delivery through our contractors.

In cooperation with our recording studio production of pop music, jazz, serious music, background music and advertising music.

We also take care of the production of suitable arrangements for your compositions. 

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